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Sports page from The Daily Oklahoman 11-25-71 day before Game of the Century

I became a Sooner fan for life at the age of 16. The year was 1971. My Dad, uncles and aunt were all OU alumni but it took the Game of the Century for me to fully appreciate the chant 'I'm Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I'll be Sooner dead'.

The buildup to the game was incredible. During the week of the game a local Sooner booster dropped off some OU #1 plastic antenna 'flags' shaped like a small football at the service station that I worked at (yes back in the day of full service, windows cleaned, tires checked etc.). My fellow workers and I managed to get permission to 'install' these on about 9 out of 10 cars that came in.

Although OU lost the game 35-31, I still remember The Oklahoman headline 'Mildren ran out of miracles', the seed had been planted. I attended my first away game, the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, at the conclusion of the season. Quarterback Jack Mildren, 'Godfather of the wishbone' and the Sooners soundly thrashed Auburn 40-22 (30-0 at half).

In the following years I saw Commerce Street many times during OU-Texas weekend and went to the 75/76 and 80/81 Orange Bowls. One game weekend while on a geology field trip near Pryor my professor and I had to drive up a small 'mountain' in order to get a signal to listen to the game on the radio.

In 2000 while in Myrtle Beach on OU/Texas weekend I panicked when I found out at the last minute that the game would not be shown there on broadcast or cable. I made a beeline to the closest sports bar and sweet-talked the manager gal into showing it on one of their TVs. I was certainly grateful that I made the extra effort to watch the game with OU destroying the Longhorns 63-14. The dark ages were over and the Sooners would go on to win the National Championship!

In 2005 I launched my first serious attempt at a website, humoretcetera.com (later changed to humoretc.com). I'd taken some web design and HTML courses a few years earlier and finally started putting what I'd learned to work. Sooners Etc's news layout is modeled after the odd news section of the humor site. I sold the humor site in March 2012 to a company in the UK after receiving an unsolicited offer for it.

In 2007 I started soonersetc.com, thereby combining my website hobby and love of OU football. The first few years were pretty much a 'draw it in the dirt' operation as I honed my my webmastering and news gathering skills.

From the very start Sooners Etc has tried to post as many articles as possible from the opponents' press and national media to give site visitors the perspective of those on the outside looking in. This was the result of my many trips to Dallas for the OU-Texas game in the 70's and 80's and reading Blackie Sherrod's columns in the Dallas Times Herald. It was quite refreshing to see Oklahoma football from another point of view.

While SoonersEtc published only football items in the beginning it has gradually expanded to the point of covering virtually all OU sports, along with having automated Big 12 and national news pages.

To supplement current news gathering capabilities Sooners Etc is experimenting with googlebot-type crawlers. Also in the testing phase is a mobile version of the site. Stay tuned for bigger and better things!

Please feel free to email me at any time with any comments and suggestions or to inquire about advertising information: webmaster (at) soonersetc.com

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