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imageAlcohol has long had a place on gameday in the world of college football. Recently, that relationship is getting closer and closer with some schools choosing to sell alcohol at their games. Some craft brewers have created beers for rivalries and now LSU is getting their own...Read more
Here’s how wacko, bonkers, crazy college sports has gotten in the past half-decade, and more specifically the money taken in by the SEC and Big Ten: the ACC saw its revenue jump by nearly $100 million in 2014-15 — and they’re worried about falling behind....Read more
Michigan’s plans for its Australian satellite camp were sent scrambling last week when the NCAA determined its partner down under, Prokick Australia, not to be a permissible host. With just days to go before the June 3 camp date, Michigan has found a new host....Read more
Miss something that happened on Dr. Saturday's social media presence? Well, we've got your roundup right here. Don't let this happen again. Always be in the know by following Dr. Saturday on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.Running back Kameron Martin may...Read more
Georgia AD apologizes to board for Ludacris deal...Read more
Ex-Texas Tech OL Castaneda arrested for felony...Read more
Baylor RB signee won't enroll, requests release...Read more
Power Five conferences bring in huge revenue in '14-15...Read more
Baylor hires law firm to hedge against NCAA...Read more
Dodd: The battle for starting QB at Alabama...Read more
Solomon: Questions loom for Ole Miss, Freeze...Read more
Ole Miss admits to 'serious violations' in program...Read more
New Big 12 proposal could get Mayfield extra year...Read more
Michigan spends extravagantly on trip to Florida...Read more
When Jim Harbaugh goes on vacation, he does it big. The world’s most notable khaki pants aficionado went to France last summer and, as was well-publicized at the time, brought the entire Michigan roster to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., for a spring...Read more
A Sweetwater, Tenn., man is accused of using the likeness of Tennessee football player Cameron Sutton to run an extortion scheme over Snapchat. According to WBIR in Knoxville, federal authorities have charged 22-year-old Brandon Shanahan with intent to extort...Read more
imageThe Baylor scandal and its abhorrent, sickening actions -- made worse by the fact that they happened in the years after the Penn State story broke -- are still being sorted out.If you are reading columns on the Baylor story from writers across the country, you are likely...Read more
imageOle Miss waits in the retroactive crosshairs of the NCAADepending on which side of the fence you live on, Ole Miss releasing the Notice of Allegations from the NCAA and subsequent self-imposed penalties is a sigh of relief that it wasn't worse, or justification that "those...Read more
imagePunishment is a very thorny subject -- as a matter of morality, sure, but more fundamentally as an effective deterrent to future bad behavior.Punishment is always difficult to confront for human beings because the need to feel emotionally satisfied about the past and the...Read more
imageThe ACC had a large increase in revenue in 2015 and it has a former member to thank for it.According to USA Today, the conference made $100 million more than it did in the 2014 fiscal year. 30 percent of that money was from the exit fee the conference negotiated with...Read more
Source: OU's Mayfield benefits if new rule clears...Read more
A proposed rule change up for vote at the Big 12’s faculty athletics representatives meetings could have a wide effect on the college football season in 2017. As reported by Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News, the Big 12 will vote on a rule that would allow...Read more
imageOklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield could regain the year of eligibility he lost when he transferred.According to the Dallas Morning News, the Big 12 is set to vote next week on a rule that causes student-athletes to lose a year of eligibility for transferring within the...Read more
imagePunishment is red meat, and football is our comfort food, but procedure is the green salad of college sports.It's not as sexy or as enjoyable to talk about, but it forms the basis of how we can create an environment in which less wrongdoing occurs. Procedure -- if crafted...Read more
The goal of adding Rutgers to the Big Ten was to extend the conference’s brand into New York. So it would be nice to have the Big Ten’s “New York team” actually play in New York every so often. On that front, Rutgers has lined up a game with Maryland...Read more

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